Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Meet the Daycare Team: July 2016

By Cynthia Robertson

WOOFS! has an awesome staff. So who are these people who choose to spend their days with the dogs? This month we are featuring Alexis.

Alexis has been working at WOOFS! for one year. Since she was a child, Alexis has had a passion for working with animals; she came to WOOFS! with abackground volunteering at animal shelters where she walked, bathed, and helped to socialize dogs.Her favorite part of working at WOOFS! is raising the foster puppies because she loves to see them grow up. She also loves to interact with the daycare dogs and learn their individual personalities and quirks. Alexis plans to continue working with both domestic and exotic animals as a career and is dual majoring in Physical Therapy and Pre-Veterinarian Studies at the University of Maryland.

Alexis currently owns 4 dogs: 3 Pitbulls and 1 teacup Yorkie. When she has the time, Alexis loves to take her dogs for runs. She also enjoys playing sports such as volleyball, softball, and running track. Additionally, Alexis recently obtained her bar-tending license. You can meet Alexis at our Shirlington Campus on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons and overnights, as well as on Tuesday mornings!

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